Command Reference

General Commands

about – Provides very basic information about the bot.
help – Provides a few links to helpful resources about the bot.

Fun and Games

8ball <question> – Asks the magic 8 ball a question.


nowplaying – Shows the currently playing track.
play <direct link|search term> – Adds a track to the queue.
queue – Shows the tracks currently in line to be played.
skip – Registers your vote to skip the current track.

Administrative Audio Commands

forceskip – Skips the current track without a vote.
lock – Locks or unlocks the queue.
pause – Pauses or resumes the track player.
remove <index> – Removes a track from the queue.
reset – Stops the current track and clears the queue.
volume – Shows the the current volume of the track player.
volume <volume> – Sets the volume of the track player.

Administrative Commands

whitelist <user> – Adds or removes a user from the administrative command whitelist.